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Paul Voodini's semi-mythical PDF 'The Secrets of the Mesmeric Seance' is a 50 page tour de force, covering routines, presentations, and demonstrations for the mystery entertainer, all centred around the themes of mesmerism/hypnosis, paranormal activity, and seance!

 The routines and presentations are all fully scripted and explained in detail.  Detailed contents: inductions with magnet and magnetised objects, induction with animal magnetism, magnetic attraction on dowsing rods and pendulums, creating 'magical objects' and allowing clairvoyance, using mesmeric inductions to enhance mentalism and magic, using historical objects as a gateway to past life regression and clairvoyance, using mesmeric phenomena in a show setting, group inductions prior to a séance, the mesmeric séance and the ability to see spirits, mesmeric experiences for the individual and the group during the séance, and more! 

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